Publications Policy

Publications Policy

General Information

The D2d Research Group welcomes collaborators outside of the D2d Research Group to develop ideas that lead to high-quality peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts. All collaborators proposing analyses, presentation(s), or publication(s) that uses D2d study data or describes D2d procedures (except for publicly available data, such as previously published data or publicly available data on the website) will need prior approval from the D2d Publications and Presentations Subcommittee (PPS).

The purpose of the PPS is to:

      • Preserve the scientific integrity of D2d in publications and presentations.
      • Ensure consistency in presentation of D2d data or procedures.
      • Protect the rights and privacy of study participants in publications and presentations.

For a brief overview of the D2d study, data points available, and manuscripts (both published and in progress) please click here.

Have an idea?

Any qualified investigator may submit a publication proposal, whether the investigator is internal (namely, a member of the D2d Study Group) or external to the D2d study. If you have any questions please email us at and we will guide you through the process.

To download the D2d Publications Proposal submission form, please click here.